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According to recent research, nearly 20% of American adults admitted to using illegal drugs at least once during their lives.[1] The drug problem in the United States is growing, and it is getting worse in New York City and other big cities. Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, drug misuse rates have increased significantly. As people in New York City, Long Island, and nearby areas continue experiencing the difficulties that have been happening for the past few years, the local drug problem is growing. Nassau County was one of the New York counties with the highest number of emergency room visits and naloxone distribution rates in 2020.[2] Overdose deaths in New York increased by 37% from 2019 to 2020. Whether it is through their own effort or through others, many people today are looking for drug treatment or online drug rehab courses.

What Are Online Drug Rehab Courses?

Online drug rehab courses are internet-based classes for sobriety. They typically are designed to teach people important aspects of addiction and the consequences of substance misuse. These courses help people understand some causes of substance misuse and how negative experiences in life can contribute to the urge to use drugs. People learn how to identify the negative impact that drugs have on their lives and the lives of others. Also, they learn how to set goals and work toward them without using drugs or alcohol. The classes emphasize the importance of living a full life without substances, and they show people how it is possible. Online drug rehab courses are not the same as addiction treatment.

Reasons To Take an Online Drug Rehab Course

There are several types of drug rehab courses. Also, there are courses for friends, family members or coworkers of people who struggle with addiction. Those courses help them understand addiction, how to avoid enabling destructive behavior and how to support someone with an addiction. Drug rehab courses that people take for their own benefits in trying to overcome addiction may be sought for a variety of reasons. These are the top reasons people search for them online.
Court-Ordered Course

Court Ordered

People who must take court-ordered classes must be careful to ensure that they work with a reputable provider. The course should provide a guarantee of court approval or acceptance for its completion certificate. Since there are several legitimate providers and some that are not, it is important to look for reviews or ask the court for a referral to a program. People who have been charged with the following types of crimes may have to take court-ordered drug rehab courses:

  • Public intoxication
  • Minor in possession
  • Drug possession
  • Illegal possession of alcohol
  • Fake IDs

That is not a complete list of potential charges that may come with court-ordered classes. Also, there may be other reasons that relate to drugs or alcohol. For instance, a parent who is found to be misusing substances after a visit from a state agency for child protection may be ordered to take classes before regaining custody of a child. Not all court-ordered rehab requirements allow online courses. In some situations, a judge may require a person to go to a rehab facility or receive counseling.[3]

Saving Money

Some people look for online drug rehab courses to save money. The cost of addiction treatment is certainly expensive for people who pay privately. However, many people are not aware that there are resources for assistance, and insurance typically provides some coverage today. Marketplace insurance plans are required to offer some form of coverage for mental health care and addiction treatment.[4]

Lack of Other Resources

Some people seek online courses because they do not have easy access to treatment for various reasons. For example, someone who lives in a remote area may be unable to drive a long way for treatment. Others may have social anxieties or illness-related concerns that make it hard for them to leave the house. Many people in New York struggle with trying to find reliable or affordable transportation for frequent appointments and instead look for online classes. When there are family obligations, work, social commitments or other responsibilities in life that demand all the time in a person’s day, it can also seem much easier to look for an online class.

Limitations of Online Drug Rehab Courses

While online drug rehab courses may be satisfactory for meeting some types of court-ordered class requirements, they have limitations. It is important to understand these limitations and how they may impact the usefulness of the classes. These are some limitations and their potential disadvantages:

  • Courses may not qualify for court requirements.
  • There is a lack of direct, one-on-one professional help.
  • Some courses are designed by unqualified people and may lack accurate or complete information.
  • With courses that lack information, there is a risk of missing important tips for how to set actionable goals.
  • There is less accountability with online courses, and that can leave a person at a higher risk of relapsing.
  • People often take the classes alone and lack a good support network.

That last point is especially important to consider. One of the key elements of drug rehab is making sure that a person is not alone. In many cases, therapists suggest that a person use inpatient or residential treatment if the individual has a risky living situation or lacks support at home. Therapists also emphasize the importance of participation in AA, NA or other 12-step meetings after people finish initial treatment. This is because people do not feel alone, and they have more incentive to stay sober with the accountability and support structure of the meetings.

When a person tries to become sober without professional help or a solid support network, it is easier to feel alone. The temptation to use substances again can be greater without support, and people may be more prone to giving up on their sobriety. People who struggle with substance misuse and need or prefer online help have other options instead of online drug rehab courses. Telehealth-based drug or alcohol addiction therapy is one valuable alternative.

Why Telehealth Drug Therapy Is a Favorable Alternative

Despite its name, telehealth today does not only involve phone conversations. Thanks to the rise of video conferencing software, qualified addiction counselors can meet securely online with people who are struggling with addiction. While drug rehab courses are designed to help teach people a few valuable bits of information, a therapist can help show a person more ways to put it into practice. These are some benefits of working one-on-one through telehealth with a drug addiction treatment specialist:

  • People have access to professional help.
  • Therapists look at each person’s unique problems to find customized solutions and treatment plans.
  • People who are in therapy are not alone and have an advocate on their side.
  • Therapists teach people how to build and nurture support systems to assist in their sobriety journey.
  • Therapists help each person set goals and teach them actionable steps to reach them.
  • People learn the roots of problems or behaviors and how to cope with life and overcome addiction.
  • Telehealth counseling is accessible to people who are on a budget or cannot travel for therapy.
  • With their knowledge and connections, therapists may help people find other resources they need.
  • Because of a more in-depth approach, a therapist may uncover co-occurring mental health disorders or other issues that contribute to substance misuse.

Telehealth addiction treatment therapists use evidence-based approaches to help people beat addiction. With telehealth, each person receives a professional psychological assessment. This is especially important to ensure that all the individual’s unique needs are met. Anyone who is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction can benefit from this valuable service. Many treatment centers and agencies are working to build awareness about this option and its benefits for people who cannot afford or commit to traveling to therapy.

Learn More About Online Drug Rehab Courses and Telehealth

If you or someone you know is searching for an online drug rehab course, consider the potential benefits of telehealth drug treatment options. You can also spread awareness about this beneficial service in the workplace or to others you may know who can benefit from it. To learn more about telehealth addiction therapy as an alternative to an online drug rehab course, please contact Long Island Interventions.

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