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New York Drug Dealer Charged in Two Overdose Deaths

In recent years, drug dealers are being charged throughout the country with the overdose deaths of the customers and addicts they serve on the streets. Recently, a Long Island drug dealer was indicted in the deaths of two customers in Queens. This is the first time a dealer in the borough has been directly held responsible for the death of a drug addict. Law enforcement officials alledge that the narcotics he sold are the direct cause and reason for the death of two individuals.

The dealers name is Justin Lum and he was formally charged with manslaughter and criminal sale of a controlled substance for allegedly distributing cocaine, Xanax and heroin to his girlfriend and another man, who both overdosed and died.

Can Drug Dealers Be Charged With Killing Their Customers?

The laws under which drug dealers are charged are often called “death by distribution” laws and apply to cases like Justin Lum. Thy help secure convictions in overdose deaths, and the harsh penalties act as a deterrent to drug dealers without unfairly targeting drug users.

As the opioid addiction epidemic continues to affect communities all over the United States, targeting drug dealers who peddle these deadly narcotics has become a priority for law enforcement. Once they get to the courts, prosecutors aggresively go after drug dealers that are connected to drug overdose deaths and the strategy is starting to work.

For the first time in many years, drug overdose deaths finally dropped in 2018, from a record-breaking 72,000 the year before to 68,500 in 2018. While the numbers are still stagerring, the law enforcement efforts along with better acess to addiction treatment are starting to generate tangile results in fighting substance abuse.

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