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Interventionist in Brooklyn NY

Addiction is best explained as an inability to stop a behavior that has negative consequences and the inability to recognize that an addiction is present. The second portion of the meaning of addiction is what is known as denial. When a person is in denial of his or her addiction, they cannot comprehend how dangerous their behaviors are about their drug or alcohol use. An intervention helps addicts and alcoholics begin to come out of denial and into acceptance of their addiction. We will help you find the best interventionist in Brooklyn NY or out-of-state that will guide your loved one to starting their recovery safely.

If someone you care about has an addiction to drugs or alcohol or both and is incapable of acknowledging that they need help, professional intervention is a preferred method to convince your loved one that they need help. An interventionist is a professional substance abuse counselor, therapist, or licensed interventionist who specializes in addiction recovery and treatment. The goal of an intervention is to persuade the addict or alcoholic to accept professional help and be admitted into a drug and alcohol addiction program.

Interventionist in Brooklyn NY

Find an Interventionist in Brooklyn NY

The interventionists that we recommend in Brooklyn NY and out-of-state have successful histories of assisting families in convincing their loved one to go to rehab. All of the professionals we work with are licensed and trained in addiction recovery. To be connected with a professional interventionist in your area, call one of our recovery specialists, and they will recommend several interventionists who are available to begin the process of intervention for your family member or friend.

The interventionist will first arrange a meeting with you and all other concerned family members and friends of the addict. The interventionists position during an intervention is to guide the family members and friends in how to approach the addict or alcoholic. Additionally, the interventionist will educate the concerned parties about the relative’s particular addiction and how he or she can best be helped.

After several meetings with the interventionist, and once all the plans for treatment are in place, the actual intervention will occur. There are many options for how and when to hold an intervention. Depending on what you and our recommended Brooklyn addiction interventionist decide, the intervention may be held at a family residence or an addiction counselors place of business or other location. The details of where and when to have an intervention are very important as this process require sensitivity and preparedness.

Recommended Brooklyn Addiction Interventionists

The people closest to the addict often have a misconception of what an intervention is supposed to accomplish. An intervention is not the time to reprimand or shame the person so that he or she will change. This approach is not effective. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), the best method for an intervention is the Johnson Intervention Technique. This technique is confrontational but stresses a solution. Although the goal of this technique is persuasive and solution orientated, the addict or alcoholic is given an ultimatum. Per the NCBI:

“The Johnson Intervention is a therapeutic technique in which members of a person’s social network confront him or her about the damage that drinking and drug use has caused and the action they will take if he or she does not enter treatment” (NCBI).

The Johnson technique is commonly applied in most interventions. However, variations to this technique are expected. Some families or friends do not wish to corner the addict, and their goal may be to simply confront the addict to raise that person’s level of awareness of the harm they are doing to themselves and the family. Additionally, an intervention may take several attempts. The first contact made by friends and family towards the addict may not achieve a commitment from the addict or alcoholic to attend treatment. A second intervention may then be necessary to reaffirm the families concerns, and at that time, the person may commit to treatment.

The goal of an intervention is ultimately to help the addict or alcoholic realize that they need help and to accept it. The addiction interventionists we communicate with are experienced and dedicated to getting your loved one the help they need as quickly as possible. To make an appointment with one of the interventionists that we recommend call our addiction recovery staff members to begin this process.

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