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drug overdose deaths in orange county

Drug overdose deaths in Orange County NY kill people in record numbers

Did you know more people are being killed by drug overdoses than homicides or car accidents? Drug overdose deaths in Orange County NY are being fueled by the heroin epidemic and continued prescription opioid abuse. When looking at the most recent overdose statistics from 2014, Orange County has 14.10 deaths per 100,000 people which is one of the highest rates of any county in the state of New York.
Cities across Orange County are affected by the surge in fatal drug overdose deaths, from NewburghMiddletownWashingtonville, to heroin deaths in CornwallNew Windsor, and Goshen, no community is safe from the devastation.

As a coordinated response to the drug addiction in Orange County NY, officials have encouraged the use of Narcan™ by law enforcement and first responders. Also known as naloxone, Narcan™ is an overdose reversal medicine that is saving countless lives across the area. Drug overdose deaths in Orange County are often avoided with the quick and effective use of naloxone.

What more can be done to lower drug overdose deaths in Orange County NY and across the country? The first step is prevention followed by addiction treatment that is comprehensive and evidence-based. Drug rehab for Orange County residents helps lower the prevalence of heroin and opioid addiction. It takes a coordinated effort to help those that are struggling, especially with so many narcotics entering the United States every day for distribution.

Substance abuse can kill people in record numbers, as shown in the recent surge across Orange County and New York. District Attorney David M. Hoovler advocates a three-part approach to combating the drug addiction epidemic: education, empowerment to seek treatment, and enforcement. The district attorney utilizes the legal system by allowing non-violent drug users (not drug dealers) to seek help via the three Orange County drug courts. Instead of serving time behind bars when arrested, addicts have an opportunity to get the help they desperately need. Under the supervision of the District Attorney, drug rehab for Orange County residents is being expanded to offer help to more people.

If you or a loved one are searching for heroin treatment Orange County, then you’re in the right place. Drug rehab for Orange County residents is only a phone call away. Many people who develop a substance use disorder find it very difficult to stop using without professional help. If you or a loved one are looking for a detoxinpatient rehabintervention, or outpatient program, our interventionists can help.